Ashley Graham, The New Face Of H&M Plus


Unfortunately, the line will be only sold online, but we are excited that Ashley Graham is the new face! We first met Ashley when she graced the cover of Sport Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, she was the first plus size model to do so! The size 16 beauty is now taking on a new venture!


In a press release, the retail store made it a priority to point out that Ashley was not the star of their “Body Positive” collection, she is simply just the face. This new collection will be showing at Paris Fashion Week, it’s fantastic that brands are now becoming more open to dressing curvier women.



“It’s exciting to be representing one of the most internationally known fashion retailers that is not only offering more options for curvy women, but pieces that have a high fashion aesthetic,” said Ashley.


“Female strength and power, with a fresh look at folklore and romance. It’s very elevated, and also very real,” says H&M’s creative adviser, Ann-Sofie Johansson.


H&M stated that they will be selling the collection exclusively online, rather than in stores, but why?! It’s already hard for curvy women to shop because they are uncertain on how it will fit. Although, this is progress I feel as though H&M should debut this line in stores and online. If you are curvy, but not a fan of online shopping than you are at a disadvantage. The collection drops September 9th. What are your thoughts?!





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