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Elle Smith is a British creative. She likes using that term, as it sounds limitless, which is how she sees creativity as it can take many forms and include her many talents. She paints in oil paints, composes contemporary poetry and writes -to name a few things she currently enjoys doing.


Her life was quite different before taking this path, as she had always avoided her creative side in favour of the world of academia. She realized that this may surprise many people, as her background is literally ‘oceans away’ from the world of the arts.


Lets chat!


How did you get your start?


This journey literally began with me looking for a new hobby to pursue, so I purchased a set of oil paints. My mindset is always “well, it cannot be that complex” as I decided to attempt a first sketch. My sketch was so realistic, that I decided to colour in the portrait with my new oil paints. I was amazed as it was as if the person in the portrait was sat in front of me. Their eyes even followed me around the room, as I changed positions. This was how I got started, and since then I have painted abstracts, flowers, animals, and composed some poetry. I am still amazed each time by the calibre of work I can produce!




What sets you apart from other artists?


My work is unique in that I approach each project in a deeply intellectual way, producing pieces, which are more than first meets the eye. I create art that is colourful and intellectual, whilst asking the viewer to reflect on the subject matter. My aim is create an experience that somehow paints other perspectives on a topic, offering something different from a first glance. My poetry is approached similarly -using metaphors and hidden meanings to produce very contemporary, evocative poems


What does your art say about you as an individual?


I guess my art shows my colourful personality, as well as my multi-faceted skillset. I love bright colours, so I try to really give my artwork a sort of kaleidoscope effect. I feel my art paintings show intellect and life, as there is always more to consider when viewing my artwork.


What is the inspiration behind your work?


The inspiration for my work comes from my life experiences, my personality; everything and everyone that I have ever come into contact with. It has taken me a lifetime in fact, to accept my creative side as being a ‘gift’. During my life, I had always favoured the academic, professional career in preference; so it was not easy to explore my creativity.




What are your favourite things/subjects to paint?


Honestly, I do not have any one favourite. I like doing different things and so my favourites are constantly changing. I loved painting the portraits, and equally the animal paintings; which were amazing to bring to life. I find flowers equally interesting, as I love all the bright colours. There is something magical about recreating things in oil paint.


What do you see for yourself and your work in the future?


The future should be really exciting as I am writing a book; plus I plan to extend my fashion range. It is always a challenge as I approach new industries. I find the learning curve enormous, added to which you have to find a niche in the marketplace. This is not so easy, however I have lots of tenacity and optimism, so I always keep moving forwards.


What are some of your greatest accomplishments thus far?


One of my greatest achievements must be the ‘following’ that I have acquired in about two years. I have a Facebook page that even impresses the gurus at Facebook. They pointed out to me that the page is quite unique in its content, but moreover that many brands do not command the following or brand power of my page. I was full of laughter at these comments, as it seems surreal that so many people have liked me, just for being me.




What has been your favourite and least favourite experience(s) since beginning your brand?


My most favourite experience has to be receiving feedback about my work. Just hearing that it has ‘touched’ someone and made them feel more positive is a great feeling. This is constantly borne out with my blog articles and poems, as people have commented with reference to personal accounts. I guess that this is best judgment of your work, when you hear the impact on the lives of others.


My least favourite experience – well, this has to be the price of ‘success’. The workload that I have now is enormous, as I now have to manage lots of administrative areas, like several social media accounts. This sadly conflicts with my creativity, so I constantly struggle to maintain a ‘happy balance’.


What advice would you give to an aspiring artist?


The advice I would offer to an aspiring artist would be one of being unique. There are many artists in the marketplace, and so to achieve success, you must offer something really unusual that an audience will love. It is never easy to establish yourself, however social media makes it possible to command attention for all the corners of the world. It is vital to be competent in social media to be a successful artist.


What unique visional qualities do you think your art possess?


My art offers a unique, visual experience where it connects the mind, body and soul. Let me offer the example of “Paris in a Bubble”, which is part of my Bubble Collection. The idea being that you capture, a wonderful memory of a location in a bubble, hoping that the memory will continue forever. This idea works like photography but instead you have an oil painting instead of a photograph.




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