Apple Music’s Newest Fashion Curator- Alexander Wang

Apple has done it again, the multi-billion dollar music company is now introducing a fashion channel, which will feature music choices of High-In designers. Alexander Wang will be the first designer to display his musical tastes for the World to see (Or should we say hear). It doesn’t take a musical genius to realize Wang’s love for music. The front row of his fashion shows have had heavy hitter vocalists, such as: Mary J. Blige and Lady Gaga. His runway shows always kick-off with chart topping hits; in fact, his last show as the creative director for Balenciaga started off with “I’m going back to Cali” by Biggie. Wang is the perfect man for the job of Apple Music’s first fashion Curator.


Premiering today, the channel is easily accessible via Apple Music Membership, which will have three playlists by Wang- Chill, Hype and Vibe. “Apple Chill is my go-to playlist when I get home, when I need to decompress, or when I’m having a night in,” says Wang, this playlist will have songs from artists like Rihanna and Drake.“Apple Hype—those songs are mostly derived from playlists that I’ve played in a party bus or en route to a festival or going out. They are songs that kick up the energy,” this includes artists, such as: Lil Jon and M.I.A. Lastly, Wang describes his Vibe playlist “Apple Vibe is more a playlist that’s in between, with songs that have high energy and also are great classics. It’s good for having people over, drinks; it’s kind of pregame music.” On the Vibe playlists you’ll find A$AP Rocky, Meek Mill and many more.



Wang has always loved hip-hop and it has played a major role in his life, as well as influencing his design ascetics, “I would go to the mall in the Timbs and cargo jeans—that definitely stemmed from all the hip-hop music I was listening to,” he reminisced. “I was always a big fan of Trina, so her whole Diamond Princess album was on constant repeat. I just remember me and my friends, driving my Volkswagen Beetle, blasting Trina through Presidio Heights, Nob Hill, or these really bougie areas in San Francisco. It was really quite hilarious.”


“Year-round I’m always trying to find music and define who the character that season is, thinking about the show, the energy, and the venue, so I start collecting a playlist throughout, using it like a memory bank for songs I like,” he exclaims. He will be adding music to each of his playlists regulary, giving fans a chance to discover the inspiration behind many of his garments.We can’t wait to hear!




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