Anderson Cooper Shared A Beautiful Tribute to Mother Gloria Vanderbilt on Instagram

The loss of a parent is never easy, however we can keep their legacy alive by paying tribute to them, while and after they are alive. Monday, fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt died of stomach cancer. The mother son duo were very close and on Monday Cooper announced on CNN of the news that she had passed.

The tribute on Instagram is a photo Montague of the designer throughout her life, ending with a very special photo of her holding hands with her son during her last days.

The caption reads:

“In the end, after all else is stripped away, there is only love. My mom believed in love more than anyone. It was her guide, her solace, it’s what drove her, and in her final moments, it is what surrounded her. “i love you, you know that,” she would say to me, and i did, i knew it from the moment i was born, and i will know it till the moment i die. It was her greatest gift to me.”

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