All You Need To Know Before Coloring Your Hair At Home



Okay ladies, we all need a change in our looks – whether it’s to reflect recent changes in our life, or cater to a new trend – women love to switch it up! Even when itching to try a bold new color, we appreciate the different looks that dames are trying! Here are some tips and tricks you need to know about before you color your hair at home!


Picking Out A Shade Online or In-Stores? Here’s What You Need To Know Beforehand:




Not many people know that unless you have gray hairs, everyone’s hair produces a red pigment. If you’re not a fan of red, than you might  want to try an ash or a cool tone – however if you want more of it, than go for a warmer tone.


Semi-Permanent or Permanent?:

  • Permanent hair color can dramatically change your look! It completely covers all the gray! No one would even be able to tell that you were lacking vibrant pigments in your hair!!
  • Semi-Permanent hair color conditions your hair without over drying, but unfortunately semi adds tone and dimensions rather than completely covering.


Look at Your Skin Tone:




Usually, it’s the fairer your skin- the lighter you can go with your hair color. Look at your veils, if they are blue than you have more of a cool tone – if they are greenish than you have a warm tone. Remember to choose a flattering shade for your skin tone.


Remember Your Eyes 




Your eyes say a lot about your future hair color! Whether they are brown or blue, you should choose a shade that enhances your eye color.

  • Blue Eyes are cooler and therefore you should go for cool tones.
  • Brown eyes indicate a warmer tone
  • Green or Hazel eyes can go either way



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