A Jeffree Star Thief Speaks Out

If you’ve been following this story, then you know that the last two weeks for Jeffree Star have not been great. Just a few days ago, Jeffree Star uploaded a 16 minute video explaining that $2.5 million worth of concealer taken from his warehouse.

Even though, she was not the one who stole the concealers from the warehouse, she did leak them via a Facebook group. The thief did issue an apology to Star on her now deactivated Facebook account.

“I really do truly love Jeffree Star & his products. [Which is] why when I saw them I was over the moon & wanted them. I figured everyone wanted them too but I was wrong. I didn’t think of the selfish act that would be to him, his team & his brand,” she wrote.

“I’m so sorry for the post, I’m not sorry because I got caught because frankly I took it down before the show started but I’m sorry I took his moment. I’m sorry you guys saw them before he got to hype them up. I can assure everyone I had ABSOLUTELY no bad intentions. I was selfish & I didn’t consider his or anyone else’s feelings when I posted.”

She got the product off of Facebook through a rather sketchy ad.

“I had found a post on Facebook Marketplace of a lady … I contacted her, I asked her if I buy a large amount would she give a discount & asked if they were authentic. She said yes, she gets them for a supplier in the warehouse who sent her PR kits & can send more,” she explained. “She had blue blood & many more of his products but the fact she could get something not released was amazing to me.”

In his tell-all video, Star states that he does not plan on forgiving the girl.

Do you think he should forgive her?

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