A 77-Year-Old Disabled Artist Finally Realizes Her Dream


Helen Rae, a 77-year-old artist, has been drawing for close to 30 years now – taking inspirations from Vogue and other fashionable magazines. Rae will take her array of colored pencils and start to draw whichever images she finds appealing.


The self taught artist was born deaf and is completely nonverbal – at the age of 50, her mother enrolled her in First Street Gallery, a program for adults with disabilities -this is where Rae’s drawing skills developed.


No one outside the program would even view Rae’s art, that is until 2014, when the owner of Los Angeles’s The Good Luck Gallery,Paige Wery was in search of new talent. Wery couldn’t take her eyes off of Rae’s drawings  “I realized how special of an artist she is and how under-recognized she is,” she said. “When they said that she was 76 years old and no one had given her a solo show, that was that.” Wery was not only amazed by her work, but her story pulled on her heart strings -so last Spring Rae got her first solo showcase!


This October her art will be displayed at Outsider Art Fair in Paris!


What an inspirational story! Her art can be viewed below! What are your thoughts?!


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