Manny MUA Is Releasing Moon Prism Highlighter And We’re Wondering If He Stole Jeffree Star’s Idea

It’s no secret that Manny MUA and Jeffree Star will not be following each other on Instagram any time soon – the former friends and beauty moguls are both releasing cosmetics that were inspired by none other than Sailor Moon!

Both beauty gurus have packaging that are inspired by the anime. Manny has his Moon Prism Highlighter, that has a crystal packaging – that when the light hits it from different angles it shows the powders in an iridescent way. With names, that are directly taken from the sailor soldiers – Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Venus – we might just have to get this! We suspect that Manny was inspired by the Sailor Moon badges.

Read on to see the highlighters:

Jeffree Star is a huge fan of Sailor Moon and even alludes to the popular Japanese cartoon in his Youtube videos often. He is releasing his first ever concealer around the same time as Manny’s highlighters. We suspect that he took inspiration from her wand!

Keep reading to see the concealers:

Do you think that the idea was stolen?

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