7 Things To Know About Coach’s Menswear Collection


1.Lindley Hall in London was the setting of Coach’s 1941 show, the building had a riser in the middle of the venue, which also doubled as seats for guests. The riser’s were equipped with Coach’s leather mascot Rexy the T-Rex.













2.There are celebrities, than there is Kate Moss. The British Super Model graced the front row with her presence, drawing in a huge wave of paparazzi.
















3. Coach kept their cohesiveness on the runway through colors! The majority of the garments were black, white and red, there were a few accents of yellow and rust as well.



4.Bomber and varsity jackets are the biggest trend of the season, in Coach’s 1941 showcase they were paired perfectly with slim-fit jeans.
















5. There was huge promise in the show, with leather motto jackets and bags displaying Gary Baseman’s illustrations.
















6. A selection of menswear styles were worn on female models.















7. Vevers took a bow, with his Mickey Mouse ears, nodding to the crowd that their will be a coach collaboration with Disney!




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