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Summer season is here and your body needs a little extra attention these days. Tanning and dryness from being exposed to sun all day long are some of the common skin problems. Getting cosmetic treatments done is not something that is possible and recommended every month. Having a good skin care regime at home, making use of natural products, can have long-term benefits for your skin.

So, here we bring you top 6 ways to prepare your skin for the summers and repair it if it has been already damaged:



 The benefits of drinking water not just include proper digestion, circulation, and excretion but also a healthy skin. With summers on, the skin tends to dry and develop rough patches. Keeping the body hydrated and drinking a minimum of 10 glasses of water daily can help you get a pimple free and glowing skin. If you have a field job and are exposed to the sun for larger spells, then you may also suffer from internal dehydration making the skin flaky and prone to wrinkles. Keeping a water bottle handy may thus be the least expensive skin care idea.



 Sunscreens have actually become a necessity for skin today and not just a beauty product. Choosing the right sunscreen seems tough sometimes given the number of options. A sunscreen with a good SPF level (generally 15 or above) is recommended. In addition, the sunscreen you must also contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide in order to prevent you from UVA rays. Water and sweat resistance can be an added advantage here. Also, you must blend it well with the skin and apply it frequently enough.



Whatever you eat reflects on your skin. Consuming junk food and foods rich in fats and artificial flavors too often will ultimately result in pimples. A healthy diet for your skin generally includes a lot of green vegetables and fat-free food. Green tea, honey iced tea, avocados, and tomatoes are exceptionally beneficial for damaged skin. Avocados help in curing dry patches of skin. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene and are great for curing sunburns. Foods rich in vitamin E, vitamin D and vitamin C like dairy products, vegetables, tomatoes, nuts, seeds, orange juice, cereals etc. must be a part of your diet as they have remedial properties to cure dead skin cells.



 Terpene is a category of chemical compounds, which has been found to be extremely useful for skin care. Patients suffering from skin diseases like eczema and canker sores, having extremely layered, patchy and dry skin can benefit a lot from terpenes as they rejuvenate the epidermis and help in reducing inflammation. Terpenes have also been found to be useful for curing a wide range of dermatological issues including inflammation caused by exposure to UV rays and burns. Terpenes like sour skittles and some vitamins can also aid skincare.



 Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from the surface. It helps you achieve a healthy and glowing skin if done with proper care. Exfoliation is an important part of your skin care regime at home. It exposes fresh skin cells and pores and helps in better hydration. Performing it prior to applying sunscreen can give better results. Exfoliants can be manual, chemical or electronic. If not done properly, it can even lead to redness of the skin and a little bit of skin damage.



Using quality hair removal products is essential as the use of a poor-quality product can cause permanent skin damage and irritation. One should not go out in the sun for at least 48 hours after hair removal. Applying pre-shave oil and smoothening the skin may be a good idea if you have a sensitive skin.


Apart from this, you should pay extra attention to overexposed skin and visit a doctor/dermatologist if suffering from excessive irritation. A healthy and glowing skin is a blessing not just for enhancing your beauty but also for a healthy lifestyle. Take care!



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