6 Best New York Brunches To Have on New Year’s Day



Okay, let’s be real ladies and gentlemen, after a full night of celebrating, drinks, and most likely more drinks- who in the World really wants to cook?! When the clock strikes 12 a.m. we’re probably going to be hugging our loved ones, drinking champagne or giving our sweetheart a New Year’s kiss to celebrate, but do you know what we won’t be doing?! We won’t be worrying about the morning after  or the breakfast that we’ll be eating. Thank goodness we’re writing this list of the best brunches in New York on New Year’s day! Check out which restaurants made the cut!


Cafe Boulud


This is one of the many restaurants that will be having a three course prefixed menu! The majority of the dishes are the kitchen’s specialty – which probably means that you’re in for a treat. BUT there are also new dishes too, that are only served on New Year’s day! The three course menu is $85


Peacock Alley at the Waldorf Astoria


This landmark hotel has been apart of New York’s history for a whopping 85 years! However, the Waldorf Astoria will close it’s doors for three years in order to renovate guestrooms- so what’s a better way to say “See ya Later” to this hotel, than a nice New Year’s Day brunch. The exceptional breakfast buffet starts at 10 a.m. and lasts for six hours!


Harold’s Meat + Three


This restaurant will be serving their first brunch on New Year’s Day, and we couldn’t be more excited! Lodged in the Arlo Hudson Hotel, this brunch has a comprehensive list of coffee cocktails and is composed of meats, meats, and more meats! The midday fest will be prepared by Chef Harold Moore (hints the name), a popular chef on the New York scene. Another great aspect of this restaurant is that there is no reservation required – although we definitely feel you should make one, who knows how busy it might get on New Year’s Day?!


Asiate at Mandarin Oriental


This sophisticated restaurant is housed in the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental, with a gorgeous backdrop of Central Park – dine while having magnificent views overlooking the park. This high-end restaurant will have a special three-course pre-fixed menu fit for royalty- including: lobster with white miso grits and chicken and waffles with foie gras. The menu is $98 per person, however if you also need detox juice from partying too hard on New Year’s Eve, than you can pay an extra $38 for unlimited juice. We recommend that you make a reservation!


Ginny’s Supper Club


Located in the heart of Harlem, this restaurant is intended for locals and amatures to display their musical talents, however on New Year’s Day the place is booked by Vy Higginsen Choir- this eatery will transform into an exciting gospel brunch! The menu is very hearty, and uses hints of cinnamon and caramel in the dishes. Sounds like a great place to me! Reservations are a must!


Hakubai at The Kitano Hotel


This brunch is pretty unique, but not in a bad way at all. This intricate seven-course meal is typically served for dinner in Japan – the food is meant to bring happiness (who doesn’t want happiness in the New Year?!). We definitely recommend reservations.



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