4 Things You Can Do To Age Well


So, you might not realize this, but guys do care about anti-aging regiments just as much as women do. Although the beauty industry has made us believe that only women were afraid to look older, there are tons of men who want to look like they’re forever young. There are so many tactics and beliefs on how to preserve a youthful face, however many are just mythical, and do not work. BUT since we care about our readers, we are going to let you in on some secrets to stay looking forever 21!


A Great Face Wash


This is extremely important, great skin starts with a great foundation- a clean face! If you are using a bar facial soap, throw it away immediately! Instead try to find a face wash that works best for your skin – anything with the words “milk,” “conditioning,” or “cream” in the name is definitely going to be a great choice!


Aftershave Moisturizer 


So, many guys don’t realize that shaving destroys their skin! If you shave, and don’t have an aftercare moisturizer, then you run the risk of permanently damaging your skin. Use an aftershave moisturizer in order to keep nice, youthful skin.



Put On That Sunscreen 


Like you were always told when you were younger “Always put on sunscreen!” That’s because all of the bad aspects that are associated with aging, such as: winkles and dark spots, are because of the sun. Try a sunscreen that not only protects your skin, but nourishes it too!




Vitamin A is crucial for the skin, it helps it function properly and fights signs of anit-aging. Even if you don’t care about a youthful face, you should still apply retinol to your face every other day. If you’re not good at remembering regiments, then at least apply it once every weekend!


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