16-year-old Picasso: Evan Sharma

Evan Sharma, also known as the 16-year-old Picasso, is neo-expressionist, fauvist artist. I He is   also the creative director of the RBLB (Right Brain Left Brain) Street wear which will be launching this fall.

As many can imagine Evan’s artwork speaks for itself and has provided him with a multitude of opportunities, his work has been received by, musicians, actors and athletes. A few of them are that his artwork has provided him with meeting Prime Minister Trudeau’s wife last year, which was quite an honor and presented his story at C2 in front of 2000. He also spoke during TedX earlier this year.

One huge accomplishment that his talent has provided him is when he was skiing in British Columbia, he glanced out to the ski slopes and thought that it would be an amazing place to paint. Although, he was at ski camp, he was allowed to take time off to paint during the camp and produced a video the painting – the media covered it and it went viral. He said that it was so cold that the paints kept freezing. After about 6 months, he got a call from an organization that helps raise funds the Olympic team and the painting was auctioned off. He raised enough money to help fund an athlete to get to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. 

His passion for painting started when he went to the Louvre, there were certain painting that made him feel joyful, and that began his love affair with painting. His first show was The Art Project, which is Canada’s largest art show. Interestingly, at that show, a lovely woman who was visiting her daughters from LA came up to me and said that her daughters saw him on TV and that she came to the show and bought a piece of my work. She ended up buying his Dylan portrait. She was a serious collector of art and even had some Picasso pieces. That was a proud moment because he knew that his artwork was going to someone who truly enjoyed art.

When Evan was 7 years-old he built a small house with rainwater collector for pumping – that was when he realized that he had a love for creating. He continued to fuel his passion by visiting art museums like the Louvre and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) – which he says made him feel wonderful. An inspiration for his artwork is nature, the absolute beauty of the outdoors was so inspirational to him.

Looking at a blank canvas and creating a painting is something that Evan loves to do, but he does not always know what he is going to exactly create, he also loves to use fashion as a point of inspiration.  He really likes his RBLB fashion, it makes his art more accessible to more people in terms of the price and numbers because only one person can buy an original painting, but many can buy the clothes. Also, if a painting is on someone’s wall, only a few people can see it. If they are wearing it, the number of people exposed to your work significantly increases. 

For the future of his business, he came up with the concept of “sneakers being my next canvas.” Also, because of his background as a slalom skiing and sailing racer. Ideally, RBLB would exist at the intersection of both creativity and technical design.

The brand, itself, stands for Right Brain, Left Brain and is based on the concept that if you really want to have a significant impact, one needs to develop both their right or creative side and their left or analytical side. He thinks that this is something that he tries to live by. Evan loves fashion, but he also loves science. In fact, he goes to a specialized science program in school. For a few years he did research in an area called the microbiome. One project that he worked on was manipulating the microbiome of a cow’s rumen to lower methane emissions. He was able to show that by introducing an enzyme into their digestive system might substantially lower greenhouse gas emissions. He is actually working on a painting describing the science project.

In 5 years, Evan sees himself making a big impact in the fashion world. He really admires some few strong art fashion brands like Louis Vuitton since Virgil Abloh took over, Raf Simmons, A Cold Wall and Fragment to name a few. With the internet, he does not see the purpose of have a physical store, but would either like to have popups in places like NYC, Toronto, Shanghai and Tokyo or to have a presence in small boutique stores in these major areas. He would also like to be doing major art shows like Art Basel, Frieze or Scope. He would just like to create and bring his vision to life in the future.

He will continue to make painting on canvases and wearable art. He am really excited to launch RBLB here in the fall as a continuation of my art on new canvases.

What sets Evan apart from other artist is he has a strong design aesthetic at a young age. He also has an appreciation for both fashion and technology. He also thinks that it is unusual to have a teenager embrace nature as most people assume that all they do is use their phones for games and watch YouTube. He also thinks that maybe it is a little unusual to have someone his age who is equally inspired by Bacon or Monet and ASAP Rocky or Childish Gambino. 

He doesn’t necessarily have one thing of inspiration; however, he does take inspiration from experiences that he has. This is the reason that he painted at 7,000 feet at a ski camp; he felt that being above the tree line is a sort of spiritual experience, and wanted other people to experience it. Another time he has painted right after a sailing regatta because there is very little that compares to racing a small boat in 30 knot winds. 

He also painted Gord Downie, Canada’s Beatles, after he saw his last performance in Kingston – he died of brain cancer.

In his free time Evan loves the outdoors, however in the winter he enjoys ski racing, skiing, and ski racing. In the summers, he likes to be on the water most of the time either sailing or fishing in some of the lakes in Ontario. He loves music and playing the guitar and playing both volleyball and basketball. 

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